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Aquadetox is a relaxing treatment that stimulates our body’s natural detoxification response while re-balancing the energy channels throughout our body for optimal energy, health and overall well-being. This process works at a cellular level to re-balance the negative & positive ion distribution around the cell.  When the cell is balanced, it is able to function releasing waste and toxins out of the cell through the pores in our feet. Treatments last for 30 minutes and most clients report noticing a difference in their energy level right away.  However, the complete treatment consists of twice a week for six weeks then once a month to maintain the benefits of Aquadetox.  We offer discounts and special package purchases to make these treatments that much more affordable. 
Please visit for much more information about this new and exciting treatment offered only at Desire Hair Design Salon.  We offer the ONLY endorsed Aquadetox within 90 miles of Glens Falls, NY!  Call the Salon at (518) 746-7466 or Rachel at (518) 361-4992 or email to make your appointment today and experience the benefits of REVITALIZE...
The Aquadetox spa machine is the only device of its kind that holds a Class II Medical Approval in Europe and is backed by independent clinical trials and ongoing medical research.  Research has shown that the benefits of those receiving treatments have had increased: vitality, circulation, energy levels, organ energy/efficiency, nutrient absorption and an improved sense of well being.
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